Relative Maturity
BrandRelative MaturityFeatures
W-4010 VT2P RIB92
  • Performs well on dryland and irrigated farms
  • Multi-year good performance record
  • Widely adapted across varying environments
  • Very good early vigor with good stress tolerance
  • Tremendous yield for maturity
  • Good Goss's Wilt tolerance
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W-1118 VT2P RIB111
  • Proven high-yield over multiple years especially in tougher conditions
  • Very good root and stalk strength; good Goss's; very good NLB and GLS
  • Very good grain quality with a flex ear and good husk cover
  • Excellent top-end yielder under good conditions
  • Widely adapted across maturity zones and soil types
  • Performs best under favorable dryland and irrigated farms
  • Prefers cooler temps and works best from Hereford, TX and north
  • Prefers the higher end population range
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W-220 Conventional112
  • Excels under irrigated conditions
  • Excellent appearance with superior plant health and late season integrity
  • Glossy, high quality grain
  • Excellent top-end yield potential
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W-440 Conventional115
  • Good tolerance to high populations
  • Mid-season hybrid with excellent plant health and staygreen
  • Superior stress tolerance
  • Excellent performance across most soil types and growing environments
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W-4622 VT2P RIB116
  • Full season yield leader
  • Wide adaptation north to south
  • Recommended for corn-after-corn
  • Very good choice for silage or grain
  • Excellent Northern Leaf Blight and Goss's Wilt tolerance
  • Good canopy and excellent husk cover
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W-458 Conventional116
  • Performs well on dryland and irrigated farms
  • Good option for less productive fields
  • Fungicide is suggested when planted behind corn
  • Consistent yielder across corn growing areas
  • Good stress tolerance on marginal ground
  • Very good test weight
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