Why Hybrid Rye for Silage?

Hybrid Rye silage is a high energy, nutrient dense feedstuff that provides high quality soluble fibers critical to rumen health and animal performance.

  • Profit Potential – opportunity to implement double cropping systems and ultimately more tons of silage per acre.
  • Crop Durability – wider and deeper root system which improves drought tolerance, requires fewer fertilizer inputs and has been bred for high disease resistance.
  • Risk Management – diversifies risk compared to only planting spring crops.
  • Workload Management – allows management of more acres with similar labor.
  • Environmental Management – uses less water than other cereals and improves soil health by reducing erosion and nutrient leaching.
  • Excellent option for silage and grazing
  • Provides top forage quality
  • Optimal for early cutting and double cropping systems
  • Very high resistance to all diseases
  • Top-ranked hybrid for early season growth and winter hardiness
  • Maximized tonnage in double cropping systems
  • Very high resistance to diseases