Forage Sorghum

Relative Maturity
Crop Usage Options
Sugarcane Aphid Tolerant
BrandRelative MaturityFeatures
  • Male sterile (will not produce grain unless pollen is introduced during pollination
  • High leaf-to-stem ratio
  • Very juicy, sweet stalk
  • Very good regrowth allows for hay / grazing options after first cutting
  • High energy value and feed consumption rate
  • Excellent choice for high quality hay production
  • Great for late season graze out
KGS 4205 ATMed-Full
  • NEW for 2022
  • Good tolerance to Sugarcane Aphid
  • Juicy, semi-sweet stalkJuicy, semi-sweet stalk and high leaf-to-stalk ratio with high grain yields possible
  • Shorter plant height for excellent lodging resistance, great choice for silage production
  • Highest yielding forage sorghum under favorable conditions
  • Harvest at soft dough for highest quality silage
  • Plant where Sugarcane Aphid pressure likely
KGS 4177 BMRMed-Full
  • BMR Brachytic forage sorghum
  • Higher yield potential than traditional forage sorghum varieties
  • Very high quality silage
  • Higher total digestible nutrients and palatability
  • Excellent standability and grain yield
  • Recommended for high-tonnage, high quality silage only
  • Not recommended for hay or grazing
  • Harvest at soft dough for highest quality silage