Warner Seeds, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with products to meet producers' ever-changing needs. In today's world of constantly changing markets, farming practices, and environmental conditions, our research strives to provide our customers with products to fit those needs. We have an extensive collection of private genetics unique from anyone else in the world. We strive to incorporate exotic germplasm from around the world, thereby maximizing genetic diversity in our product line. Our extensive yield-testing program allows us to evaluate large numbers of new hybrids in many different growing regions from Nebraska to Mexico and around the world in order to provide products suitable for each unique area. Count on Warner Seeds' commitment to provide genetically superior hybrids custom fit to your needs.

Specific areas of our research include:
Corn - Our research focuses on providing our customers with high yielding corn hybrids that have the latest biotech traits. We continually search for hybrids that have more resistance to drought, insects, and diseases (especially aflatoxin). Grain quality and test weight are traits that are considered when introducing new hybrids. We also evaluate corns for silage yield potential. Our goal is to provide hybrids that perform well in stressful conditions like those found in South and Central Texas and also hybrids fit for maximum yield potential under full irrigation

Grain Sorghum - Warner Seeds offers a complete lineup of grain sorghums with a range of maturities from early to full season hybrids. The bulk of our research is conducted on the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle. This arid region is known for providing stressful conditions during the growing season, giving our genetics program the ability to naturally screen lines that do not have good drought tolerance or standability. We then further evaluate these lines to determine insect resistance, disease resistance, grain quality, and yield potential. New hybrids from these lines are evaluated in several diverse regions enabling us to determine adaptability to individual growing regions. Our research is committed to continually update our current products with new hybrids having increased resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, improved agronomic characteristics, and, most importantly, yield potential.

Food-Type Grain Sorghums - Developing markets in the food, ethanol and poultry industries has prompted us to focus on developing grain sorghums that have white grain and a tan plant color. We already commercially offer W-902-W, which has proven to be very competitive against similar hybrids in its medium-full maturity class. Our program is now focusing on providing our customers with Food-Type sorghums in medium-early and medium maturity classes. Competitive hybrids are already developed and should be released in the near future. The lines used to produce these new hybrids have survived the same rigorous screening process that our conventional lines go through. Warner Seeds' philosophy is that any special trait is not worth having if it is not coupled with good agronomic characteristics and competitive yield potential.

Grain Sorghums for Late-Season Planting - Early to medium early maturity grain sorghums are commonly planted after crop failures, such as hailed-out cotton. We plant yield tests simulating these conditions in order to evaluate our upcoming hybrids for their suitability for this specific purpose. They must yield well, but also mature fully before frost.

Forage Sorghums - The development of premium, high-quality, high-yielding hybrid forage sorghums and hybrid sorghum-sudangrasses is a high priority for Warner Seeds. Our extensive testing program evaluates potentially new hybrids for their silage potentials, hay yield, standability, regrowth, grain to stover ratio, and nutritional quality. We provide and constantly strive to improve products containing special traits, such as Brown Midrib (BMR) and/or photoperiod sensitivity (PS).

Seed Stock Maintenance - Our research department is also in charge of maintaining breeder and parent seed supplies. Only by using the most genetically pure parent lines can high-quality, consistent-performing seed be produced for our customers. Our high standards ensure that genetic contamination is kept to a minimum.

Expansion into New and Worldwide Markets - Our diverse genetic base provides us with the ability to seek out areas around the world where our products are able to make a difference. We currently have products adapted to many agricultural regions of North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. We remain committed to developing new and improved products to fit these unique areas. Warner Seeds also dedicates itself to developing products suitable for emerging and niche markets. Being a mid-sized seed company gives our research program the ability to focus more attention on endeavors that might seem insignificant or unprofitable to larger seed companies.

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