We are committed to providing genetically superior hybrids custom fit to your needs. We have an extensive collection of private genetics unique from anyone else in the world. We strive to incorporate exotic germplasm from around the world, thereby maximizing genetic diversity in our product line.  With extensive yield-testing program that stretches from the Dakotas to the southern tip of Mexico, we strive to provide products suitable for each unique area.

The Core of Our Research and Development:

Grain Sorghum – Warner Seeds offers a complete lineup of grain sorghums with a range of maturities from early to full season hybrids.  Our hybrids are developed, tested and proven to perform across the sorghum belt.

Food-Type Grain Sorghums – In addition to our Grain and Forage Sorghum development program, we also work to design products that fit and perform for specialty markets.  The continued development of markets in the food, ethanol and poultry industries has prompted us to focus on developing grain sorghums that have white grain and a tan plant color.

Forage Sorghums / Hybrid Sorghum Sudangrass – The development of premium, high-quality, high-yielding hybrid forage sorghum and hybrid sorghum-sudangrass.  We provide and constantly strive to improve products containing special traits, such as Brown Midrib (BMR) and/or photoperiod sensitivity (PS), Brachytic Dwarf Trait hybrids and hybrids that reduce the impact of Sugar Cane Aphid.

Sugarcane Aphid Tolerance – as a market leader in development of genetics with a high level of Sugarcane Aphid Tolerance we strive to develop products that limit the economic impact of this sorghum pest.

Expansion Opportunity for Worldwide Markets – Our diverse genetic base provides us with the ability to seek out areas around the world where our products are able to make a difference. We currently have products adapted to many agricultural regions of North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. We remain committed to developing new and improved products to fit these unique areas.

Research and Development Video