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Relative MaturityML
Days to BootN/A
Days to Soft DoughN/A
Average Seed/lb. (1,000s)80
Seed ColorY
Plant Height (ft)5-6
Nutritive Value8
Drought Tolerance8
Lodging Resistance8

RELATIVE MATURITY: ME = Medium Early, M = Medium, MF = Medium Full, F = Full
SEED COLOR: W = White, R = Red, Y = Yellow

*Will not pollinate unless an outside source of pollen is near.
RATINGS: 1 = Poor, 9 = Excellent, N/A = Not Available

USAGE: H = Hay, G = Grazing, S = Silage, GC = Green Chop
SPECIAL TRAITS: BMR = Brown Midrib, PS = Photoperiod Sensitive, SWEET = Sweet Stalk, MS = Male Sterile, HG = High Grain to Stover
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